The Pumpkin Patch ’09

The pumpkin patch is one of our family’s big traditions. We LOVE to go and pick out  pumpkins and corn stalks for decoration.We waited until the last possible second this year due to the fact our oldest is away at school. She came home today and we rushed to the patch to get everything. See pics below. The first ones my fav…sisterly love!!

Then, of course, they mug it up :0)

Still following Daddy..just like they used to

Silly girls :0)

Poor girl has my short “genes”


Beautiful Girls!!

What a joy to have everyone together doing “family” stuff!!

Week in review..

Very stressful week. Glad for the weekend. Funny moment today… I was ridding the ceiling fan from the huge dust bunnies that decided to go for a spin when I hear my hubby yelling for me as he comes in the front door. I answer him, stating I’m in the bedroom. He proceeds through the hall door with the statement,”I have something to show you!” Now, you have to know my hubby. The fact that he was out in the yard working, paired with the excitement in his voice worries me. As he steps through the door he says triumphantly “HERE!” thrusting out his hands which contain one very BIG toad! “Isn’t it cool?” he asks me. Uhhhh…ok. Yeah..kinda cool, but not in my house which I have been trying to clean for the last 2 hours! So here’s my hubby, grinning like a little kid. All excited over this big, black toad, and I’m trying not to burst his bubble. “Yeah babe, that’s cool. Bet he’d really like it in the garden ;o)” So next time you stop by our house, ask the hubby and I bet he’ll show you exactly where our new friend lives…lol.

A fabulous food experience.

Our oldest daughter came home this weekend and prepared a WONDERFUL dinner for the family!! I was so excited to see how passionate she was as she created it. See the pictures below…but I warn you, drool can short circut your computer  ;0)

In process…

Plated perfection.

Proud chef! (Still alittle warm from the Kitchen :0)

Dessert was bananas fosters. Too bad you can’t see the flame. Rob was impressed.

Childrens Sports…

So…how many others are still in the cycle of being the sports “mom” or “dad”? I can just imagine all the hands going up in the air…*sigh* Not that I don’t love watching my girls play sports, but its hard to not get swept up into the competitive nature of the game. Sure, you want to watch your child win, and yes, you will scream, yell, moan, and in all likelihood make a fool out of yourself but shouldn’t your child be proud of that support? I guess I just trying to show support to my girls anyway I can. I never knew what it was like to have that kind of support, so I really can’t understand the embarrassment involved. I am EXTREMELY proud of both my girls and will cheer them on to the end… deal with  ;0)

Rainy days…

It is kind of sad that I’m always amazed by the first real rain of the year. We have such a long, hot summer that I tend to forget how wonderfully refreshing it is. One of my favorite smells is new rain on the ground. Right now, I should be getting ready to go to yoga, but I just want to cuddle up on the couch, light a fall scented candle, and cover up with a soft blanket. Lol.. luckly, guilt will win out and I will go. Hopefully the storm will last through the night so I can listen to the rain as I fall asleep.

Good morning! It is Sunday and better yet, the 2nd day in my week long vacation. What to do…what to do… It’s hard to figure it out. It’s one of those things where what I want to do and what I SHOULD do are two completely different things. Paint the entryway…scrapbook….work on my budget (ugh)…hmmm. Decisions, decisions…

To Blog or not to Blog…

I have been pondering this question for years. I have started and stopped several times, not being focused or dedicated enough to follow through. So…here we go again. I have read several blogs lately that were wonderfully inspiring, so dare I try? I figure it can’t be any worse than not doing it so, ok…I’ll try.

Today was Exeter’s Fall Festival. It was packed. Our family loves to walk around the festival. It is sort of a traditional “kick off” to the holidays for us.

But the REAL reason we love to go is………..

…………………………the food!!!!! This year we tried the Bratwurst (mine – the sauerkraut and onions). Sadly the funnel cake didn’t last long enough to get a picture.  ;0)   The best part was having Haileigh (our oldest daughter) home from culinary school long enough to walk around with us. We miss you, babe.