I KNOW you do this too..

We have a “cheat” meal every now and then at this great little place called Pita Kabob. They have some of the most wonderfully seasoned beef and chicken. My hubby and I will go in and split a combo plate. It used to contain: 1 skewer beef, 1 skewer chicken, rice pilaf, and hummus with pita bread…mmmm. Now it contains 1 skewer chicken, 1 skewer beef, salad, and hummus (no bread 🙁 ) So, since the pleasure value has gone down slightly, I find I’m a little pickier. I decided to try a beef salad…needless to say, it was great.

But you notice the small pile above the salad? That’s my little pile of ” Ewww… get that OFF my salad!! Don’t let it touch!!” I really HATE tomato guts on my food! Come on… you know you do it too.~

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  1. Rob Fahrni says:

    You’re so funny baby. You and your maters!

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