Wow… 2 1/2 months…

since my last post, that is. Talk about a whirlwind!!!! The house is up for sale (Anyone interested??? Anyone???), Rob has already been working in San Luis Obispo for 3 months, and our oldest is getting MARRIED next month!!!! Yikes!! Ok…breathe… ┬áIt’s actually going really well. She knows what she wants and we are making it happen. It going to be beautiful!! And then,(fingers crossed) we’ll be in SLO by Nov. I’ll try to be better about blogging our progress…

One Response to Wow… 2 1/2 months…

  1. Rob Fahrni says:

    Busy, busy, busy… I thought you quit your job so you could relax a little?

    I love you baby.

    Nice theme by the way. It’s fitting. :-)

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