Center Activities #6

This post is showing one of the activities used to teach color recognition.

First, I chose a picture that could be divided into colored parts.  I believe this was just a piece of clip art from the computer. You can also use simple color books for pictures. They do need to be at least 6-8″ large to allow for the student to be able to manipulate.

I colored each section separately.

Then, I colored corresponding colors on the tips of cloths pins.

The SLO life pt.2

Christmas is in the air…. Driving to run errands is much more cheerful when your singing Christmas carols along with the radio. Rob and I decided to try and keep this Christmas as traditional as possible. Not that easy since 3/4 of my stuff is in a storage unit in San Luis Obispo. I never thought in a million we’d still be in Exeter. Rob has been working in SLO for 6 months now. He has been commuting home every weekend. It’s been hard on him, on all of us actually. So as of Friday, I will be making weekly trips to SLO to try to find a place to rent. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!