To Blog or not to Blog…

I have been pondering this question for years. I have started and stopped several times, not being focused or dedicated enough to follow through. So…here we go again. I have read several blogs lately that were wonderfully inspiring, so dare I try? I figure it can’t be any worse than not doing it so, ok…I’ll try.

Today was Exeter’s Fall Festival. It was packed. Our family loves to walk around the festival. It is sort of a traditional “kick off” to the holidays for us.

But the REAL reason we love to go is………..

…………………………the food!!!!! This year we tried the Bratwurst (mine – the sauerkraut and onions). Sadly the funnel cake didn’t last long enough to get a picture.  ;0)   The best part was having Haileigh (our oldest daughter) home from culinary school long enough to walk around with us. We miss you, babe.

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