Week in review..

Very stressful week. Glad for the weekend. Funny moment today… I was ridding the ceiling fan from the huge dust bunnies that decided to go for a spin when I hear my hubby yelling for me as he comes in the front door. I answer him, stating I’m in the bedroom. He proceeds through the hall door with the statement,”I have something to show you!” Now, you have to know my hubby. The fact that he was out in the yard working, paired with the excitement in his voice worries me. As he steps through the door he says triumphantly “HERE!” thrusting out his hands which contain one very BIG toad! “Isn’t it cool?” he asks me. Uhhhh…ok. Yeah..kinda cool, but not in my house which I have been trying to clean for the last 2 hours! So here’s my hubby, grinning like a little kid. All excited over this big, black toad, and I’m trying not to burst his bubble. “Yeah babe, that’s cool. Bet he’d really like it in the garden ;o)” So next time you stop by our house, ask the hubby and I bet he’ll show you exactly where our new friend lives…lol.

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