The deep and defining comparison of personal coffee mugs.

Have you ever noticed that our personal coffee mugs to reflect our personalities? Or at least, peoples ideas of what we are like? Come on.. admit it… when you hit the souvenir shop, you tend to gravitate towards a certain type of mug. While it may state “Seattle”, or “Tahoe”, it will have some kind of twist to make it your own. Humorous, sarcastic, angry, they are all out there…calling to us. For instance, I have always said that my hubby was a bit of a spaz (sorry for the ’80s reference) in high school. So understandably his cup reflects that..

And, of course, the saying….

Since he drinks Quad shot mocha’s… I could have told you that.

Than, there’s my mug…

And the saying,

K, so technically I do hate mornings… but Grumpy, I don’t know.  Well, I guess its a step up from my other favorite character…

:0)   Moving on…..

Back to coffee mugs.

We have QUITE a collection.

We have seasonal mugs,


Valentines Day


Then the assorted mish mash,

But my favorite, the allusive thermals

Slightly blurry, but you get the idea. Thank goodness we have a daughter employed by Starbucks. Lol, obviously…..

One thought on “The deep and defining comparison of personal coffee mugs.

  1. Hey! I’m not a spaz! Well, maybe I am, but you don’t have to tell the world honey. 😉

    I like your post very much, makes me realize we have way too many coffee mugs.

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