The Distracted..

My youngest daughter went out to help her daddy trim up the trees in the front yard.

ok…maybe it WAS more of an advisory position  :0)

Anyway, they were trying to figure out how high to trim the trees.

In doing this, they, inadvertently left a branch in the road.

Then there was a boy. A boy on a bike. A boy on a bike, who only had eyes for my beautiful daughter.  My daughter but NOT the branch in the road.  Well… you can see where this is going…

I was called outside by the sound of hysterical laughing.

Nooo… it wasn’t Jasper. He was just a witness. Both my husband and my daughter thought it was extremely funny. But the laughter really didn’t start until the boy yelled “S*&T!!!” at the last moment and dodged the branch. After telling me the story, my hubby went back to work,

He’s wearing his confused look once again.

It’s ok.

He wears it a lot…  ;0)

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