Easter Fun

We were blessed by having both children home for Spring Break this year. Our oldest came home from her culinary school. She wanted to cook Easter dinner for us. (Who am I to complain??? ;0) Anyway, I decided to pick up an egg coloring kit to see if the girls felt like doing it. They haven’t colored eggs in years. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. They got extremely excited. My kids are BIG on tradition, and have been missing it. Who knew? So they started getting it ready, along with making their rice krispie chocolate dipped eggs…Mmmmm

Not long after they started on the rice krispies, I hear them complaining about how sticky they are. “Moommm, how do you keep them from sticking??!?!”

This is where I told them they forgot to spray Pam on their hands. Lol

So they got back to work.

Taylor gets that look from her father. ( See previous posts)

Then on to coloring eggs…

Look at that concentration!! Lol

Uhh…yeah. Anyone else’s 19 year old act like this??? She’s taken pictures with her tongue out since birth. *sigh*

But finally…DONE

Ahhh, our beauties.

On to Easter fun and dinner…NEXT post. Lol

One thought on “Easter Fun

  1. >Anyone else’s 19 year old act like this?

    Yes, all of them do. I have to *plead* with them to get a pic without the dang tongue.

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