Center Activities #2

This is the second installment of center activites created to help children in the mainstream classroom. These folders are for categorizing.

I found this picture simply by browsing around the internet. There are some great sites out there. Don’t give up… I cut out the bear, made a “dirty clothes hamper” by folding over card stock and stapling up each side. I glued the bear onto a file folder and laminated it. I then attached the hamper with velcro and placed pieces of velcro on the bear.

Next, I down loaded several different outfits, cut them out and laminated.

I then attached velcro to the back of the pieces of clothes. Then let the child go! You can ask who would wear certain items, i.e. clown or doctor. You can also make it as simple as “Where are the Clown’s pants?” “Which shirt goes with it?” Sky’s the limit.

I have even used a paper doll set I found.

Same idea with the clothes.

Have fun with it!! :0)

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