Center Activities #3

This activity is very simple. The autistic girl I am with, has very weak fine motor skills. So we work ALOT on handwriting. I try to get her to practice 4- 5 times throughout  the day. This is one of the things we have her do. First, I got some large graph paper.

Next, I highlighted the words she’s currently practicing. We started with her name. Once she mastered that, we moved on to simple words.

Outlining the block the word is in, helps give a boundary to the child. In this case, we are trying to teach proper proportion along with spelling.

You can highlight in different colors. It really doesn’t matter to some children. You can stop there, and let the child use a pencil to trace. You can also laminate and bind the pages creating a reusable book. The idea being to gradually wean the child off of the highlighting. Enjoy!!

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