I just can’t believe it. Do people really break up with people on public forums like MySpace and Facebook?? Seriously?? Whatever gave these people the idea it was ok to humiliate someone like that in public. Yes, MySpace and Facebook are PUBLIC. Every photo, every word, every poke, and comment is out there for anyone to see. These pages change the rules so often that there is no way to keep up with all the updated privacy settings. They keep opening everything we have on these sites wide open and it is up to us to go in and change the settings. Does this seem a little backwards to anyone else?? Then you pair that with people who don’t even give you the benefit of a face to face conversation to drop huge, life altering bombs on you. Yes, I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with old friends, but it is very disconcerting to see someones life ripped open so callously for all to see. Do they think it will be easier seeing it written down as opposed to hearing it face to face? More likely, these pages are producing generations of cowards. People who don’t have the bravery to confront someone face to face and take the consequences. “Dear John” letters have been around forever. That isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the true message BEHIND the message. The “I don’t care enough to tell you I’m leaving, I’ll just change my status and delete you from my life.” message. The one that seems to have become acceptable today. What do you tell your children? How do you explain that they are worth more than just a meaningless status update? As parents, we have to be aware and keep trying. Tell them how wonderful they are. Give them that foundation so when stupid things like this happen, they won’t do something drastic.

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