The “Expedition”.

So we went on a house hunting expedition to San Luis Obispo this weekend. We left around 8 am. Not a good time for me…. About 45 minutes into the drive, I realized I’d forgotten the Thomas Guide. My Dad go me hooked on using “the guide” years ago. They have saved us more than once. Anyway, after that, we continued on our way, completely clueless what we were going to do once we got there. We had one showing set up. I tried to set up 3-4 more, but the agents wouldn’t get back to me..aarrgghhh. On our escapades through the various towns,  we discovered, Arroyo Grande.

I’m in love!

If you take a trip along the Coast, this town is a must!! Quaint shops, friendly people, great weather, what more can you ask for?? And speaking of quaint shops, we found…

OMG.. this place had THE most amazing pastries.

Hubby enjoying his cupcake topped with whipped cream and dipped in chocolate…



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