Mother’s Day Memories.

All I wanted for Mother’s Day this year was to spend the day with my family in our favorite place, San Luis Obispo. They were so sweet and gave me my wish! First, they showered me with gifts..

This beautiful Willow Tree box was from my youngest…

My oldest made my favorite Key Lime Bars from scratch, mmmmmmm!!!

Hubby did pretty good too… ;0D

Then off to SLO!!

First, lunch at our favorite place..

With our 2 beautiful daughters…

As we walked around, we came upon an amazing site.  First, I saw this dog…

A very forlorn looking guy. So sweet and of course I wanted a pic… So I walked around to the other side of the car for a better look and saw…

THIS guy!! I fell in LOVE!! He was the most amazing looking hound.

Just LOOK at that face!!! He was amazing!!! This guy DEFINITELY made my day.

So we said goodbye to our favorite place…but not for long :0)

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