Fall is finally here in Exeter. I went for my walk up Rocky Hill yesterday and it was misty, windy and cold. WOW, what a difference a day makes. The day before it was still 70 degrees. Hopefully we are now going into the last of the hot weather. We finally got Haileigh settled in Yuma. :0(  I already miss her terribly. I am happy that she is starting her new life, though. How exciting! We have had a very odd kick off to the holiday season, normally, this is our favorite time of year. The weeks leading up to Christmas were always filled with happiness and anticipation. Well, Halloween is gone; didn’t even decorate. Hosting Thanksgiving here; focused more on having to fly Dad out to Virginia to a new facility. Hopefully things will calm down enough after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy the season a little.

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  1. Sending you love and blessings to you and your family during this holiday season. May God bless you and your wonderful family. You’re such an inspiration to us all Kim.

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