A bittersweet moment.

Well we are finally getting settled in San Luis Obispo. It is beautiful all the time and leave nothing to be desired. WOW… pinch me. It is amazing that we have the privilege of calling this city home. I do miss a few things from the valley though…

First is this certain little girl:

I miss you, babe. Hopefully school will finish soon so you can come over here.

Second, the place I walked daily…

From the top of Rocky Hill…

(Ignore the red line…have no clue what it is..)

…to the bottom. I talked to the beautiful babies daily  🙂

It was the first time in my life (no exaggeration!) that I was motivated to workout. I started walking it in late August. This means that the temperature hovered around 100. But I still did it. I became so dedicated that I only missed a day during Thanksgiving week and a couple during Christmas. If my oldest daughter

(Hi babe!!)

was around, I’d drag her up it with me. It was great….Then we moved :-/

I began to worry about “falling off the wagon” since enjoying exercise is NOT in my genetic make up. My hubby suggested that I go to this little park way down at the other end of our road. *sigh* Ok… I drive to this little park. It is cute but small. I begin thinking to myself, “This will be fun. Walking in circles for a hour!” I get out of the car and start. Towards the back of the park is see this

Hmmm, I wonder where the path goes? I decide to follow to see. Then I see this,

And this..(one of the three bridges I get to cross!!)

WOW..this is getting better and better. I keep walking, huffing and puffing, dragging my poor little dog along.

Even get to go through a tunnel!!!!!

With respect to Rocky Hill, this has to be one of the most beautiful walking trails I’ve ever been on.

Ok….the hubby did good.


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