It’s Almost Here!!!!

Sort of, anyway…Lol  I’m talking about the Fall season. DECORATING season, that is 😉 My family and I love decorating for the Fall-Christmas seasons. We are always on the lookout for new decor ideas. This being said, I came across this idea in one of the many wonderful posts I follow. (Sorry I don’t remember which one, but you are all WONDERFUL!) I added a few “me” touches and voila…. Spooky Floating Ghost!

I started off with an old white, gauze bathing suit cover up.


Then I strategically shredded the bottom and sleeves.


Upon doing this, I noticed that it was not nearly long enough for what I wanted. So off to Michael’s to find some white material. All I could find was felt :-/ and since I am NOT blessed with tons of patience, I went ahead and used it. I will probably change it out at some time for a lighter fabric but it will do for now.



I also used a “fright” mask. You know, the creepy blank face mask that gives kids nightmares.. and backed the eyeholes with black felt.


Next I used a white trash bag, filled the top with smaller plastic bags, and tied off to make a ghost form to place behind the mask. I also shredded the bottom of the garbage bag. Then, I hot glued the bag to the mask.




I cut a hole in the middle of the felt, and placed it over the head. Then I glued the hood of the bathing suit cover,along with the felt, to the mask and tied it around the neck to accent this area. Then shredded once again.



I made a small hole in the back of the neck, made a loop and ran fishing line under the fabric on both arms so when hanging, it seems to be reaching out :-).Then attached a line to the loop so it could hang from the ceiling.

IMG_0585 IMG_0587


(It looks much scarier at night. Lol) Will be working on the arms to give them a little more definition, but other than that…She’s done!

Thanks for reading!!





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