A story in keeping cool under pressure…

..i.e. trying to think logically before you pee your pants..Yeah..no kidding. So here’s the thing. I have had the entire day to myself. Beautiful start, right? 😉 Such a rare occurrence that I have been making the most of it. I got several small projects done that have been nagging me for EVER!! I even took pictures to blog about a few later on. Go ME!! Lol..Anyway, the night was winding done and I decided to treat myself to a Sonic diet cherry limeade…YUM So I got home, put the feet up and started watching a campy horror movie (another guilty pleasure) Of course, the pup picks this time to do her potty dance. SIGH.. I get up, lock the back door, go out the front to let her out and as the door is closing I realize C@#P!!! The door is locked. And my phone is sitting next to my empty cup. Double SIGH… So as the pup lays down to watch, I start trying to figure out which doorknob I’m going to break. Of course this is a rental, so I have to be careful. I finally grab a screwdriver and decide to have a closer look at the window frames. Right about this time I realize I have to pee, in a MAJOR way. That 32 oz yummy drink decided to hit the bladder. Surprise, surprise. So the situation has become a little more desperate. I notice 2 tiny screws in the frame and figure “what the hey…can’t hurt” so I take them out. I need to add a little back story here. When we moved in, I found out that every window was stuck, as in, would not budge, as in, I actually separated metal from glass trying to open them. So they stayed closed until this morning…. I got the idea to have the hubs help me figure out why they wouldn’t open before he left. We figured out someone had screwed the frames into the windows. O_o Really????? Anyway, he and I fixed them before he left. Fast forward 12 hours, I am standing in front of the first window, pushing against it, mad cause the hub’s latched it after he fixed it. Then I went to the second one…. bladder throbbing, dog looking at me like I’ve COMPLETELY lost my mind, thinking what a long walk in the dark it would be to my Mother’s house. I took the screws out of this one and pushed..It squeaked!! Ahhhhhh….I pushed harder and praise GOD it opened!!!!! I crawled through the window, hoping the neighbors weren’t watching, and it took everything I had not to kiss the ground! I quickly closed the window and shutters, and let the dog in. *Sigh* Not quite the ending I had in mind. But at least I got the go to the bathroom!! The moral of the story is….Stay cool, think things through, and ALWAYS keep a door key hidden outside!! Lol..

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