Center Activities #5

This activity is to introduce word families.  Pick some fairly common “chunks”.

Then take the time to figure out all the letters that will create words. Some can be used in more than one “family”.

Attaching the velcro will help the child see the word.

I usually attach long strips somewhere on the folder to hold the pieces when not in use. Remember… velcro is our friend.  :0D

An interesting conversation.

It went like this…

“Look at all those things..”

“What? Where?”

“There..(points across the room) there and there, and Boom.”

“Uh, the chairs?”

“No, those.”(Points again)

“The ladies?”

“Yeah, over there. I had to help but its ok now.”

“O.K. Dad. Good job.”

Yep. That one keeps staring at me so I have to do it back.”

“O.K. Dad. Do you want to go for a walk.”


Then, outside…

“Yeah, I needed to get out of there. Boy, it’s cold.”

“Do you want to go in?”

“Yeah, that would be the way to do it.”

“O.K. let’s go in”

We go in and sit at the dining table.

“How’s everyone?”

“Great Dad.”

“Good…want to go for a walk outside?”

“It’s kind of chilly..”

“Let’s go.”


Back outside.

“That how I like it.”

“How Dad?”

“With the thing over there and going to go out and help them.”

“O.K. Dad.”

“Brrr…. kind of cold. Want to go in? Ooops, I need to drop something.”

K, I have to admit, that stumped me.

“Do you need to use the restroom??”


“Uh, ok Dad.”

We walked back in.

A strange state of mind.

I went to visit my Dad today. He lives in an Assisted Living Facility’s Alzheimer’s unit.He’s had quite a lot of funny experienced in there, I’ll write more on those later. Today was not a funny day. Today was not a good day. Today was a day when he was incoherent, tired, and restless. Today was a day I watched him walk around his room for 10 minutes trying to remember how to put on the pair of sweatpants that he had in his hand. He’d decided that he wanted to get more comfortable and change out of his slacks. After rounding up his sweat pants, (they are usually in a variety of odd places, like the bathroom storage cabinet or at the top of the entry closet.) he just kept walking around the room. I assumed he was looking for a shirt to wear. He then stated he wanted to change into different pants. I reminded him that they were in his hands, and that all he needed to do was go into the bathroom and change. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down enough to show me his three shirts that he was wearing. I suggested that he’d probably be more comfortable if he took a couple off. He did so. I just don’t get it. We can put a man on the moon. We can take picture of the sun. We can take in depth readings from some of the deepest depths of the oceans, so WHY can’t we figure out how to curb this horrible disease??? A disease that slowly strips a person of their wit, their charm, their compassion, their love, their humor, their dreams, their joy, their family and finally their hope. I can tell you first hand it is one of the most painful experiences I’ve had to deal with. Watching this horrifying disease grow stronger and stronger and seeing my Father become less and less.